Apple watch has secured a temporary reprieve from a ban on the sale of its smartwatches in the United States. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has paused the U.S. International Trade Commission’s import ban on certain Apple Watch models, allowing the tech giant to resume sales of its flagship smartwatches.

The Ruling

The U.S. appeals court’s decision enables Apple to temporarily sell its Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 models, which were subject to the import ban. The pause on the ban will remain in effect at least until January 10, 2024, while the court considers a longer suspension.


The import ban was the result of a patent dispute between Apple and medical-technology firm Masimo. The ITC had ruled that Apple infringed on Masimo’s patents related to technology for reading blood-oxygen levels, which was incorporated into the Apple Watch Series 6 and later models. Masimo accused Apple of stealing its pulse oximetry technology and hiring away its employees. In response, Apple has countersued, alleging that Masimo’s legal actions were aimed at clearing a path for its own competing smartwatch.


The temporary lifting of the ban allows Apple to continue sales of its affected smartwatch models in the U.S. while the legal proceedings unfold. The dispute between Apple and Masimo could have significant financial and reputational implications for both companies. Analysts suggest that the lawsuit’s outcome could lead to substantial financial consequences and may influence the development of future health-wearable products.


Apple’s legal battle with Masimo has resulted in a temporary victory for the tech giant, enabling it to resume the sale of its flagship smartwatches in the U.S. as the legal process continues. The outcome of this dispute could have far-reaching implications for the wearable technology market and the future of health-monitoring devices.This content provides an overview of the recent U.S. appeals court decision allowing Apple to temporarily sell its smartwatches in the U.S. following a patent dispute with Masimo. It covers the background of the case, the implications of the court’s ruling, and the potential impact of the ongoing legal battle on the companies involved and the wearable technology market.

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Apple Watch Can Temporarily Sell After US Court Win